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Equipment List

Although it's not 'about the gear', it is very much about the gear. We embrace the RED cinema format and shoot in both 5K and 6K while leveraging RED's incredible  resolution and color science, which provides maximum flexibility in post-production work flow.
If your production calls for stabilization, We utilize the latest in stabilization technologies with complimenting  wireless follow focus and monitoring, to ensure the client sees every frame while it's happening.

RED Scarlet-W5K

RED Komodo 6K

Wireless SmallHD Directors Monitor w/ Cage

Redrock Wireless Follow Focus

(Single & Dual Operator Modes)

Sigma Cine 18-35mm T2 High Speed

Sigma Cine 50-3100mm T2 High Speed

Canon EF USM II 80-200mm 2.8f

Canon EF USM II 85mm 1.2f

Canon EF USM II 24-70mm 2.8f


Movie Pro Gimbal

Ready Rig Gimbal Support

Paralinx Wireless System

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