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Our Visual Storytelling.
Launched  in 2018 by founder and creative principal Basil Iskandrian, who's story began when arriving to this country at 15th and Pine in Philadelphia Pa. He believes everyone has a story to tell. 15th and Pine is a multi service, creative video house, where the emphasis is on the clients' and their stories.

Our belief is simple, effective story telling should be attainable to corporations and brands of all sizes. Therefore, Our mission, is to provide  production value content to a wider range of clientele. Our approach, combines live action video, motion graphics and animation to produce engaging content for various channels, that compel audiences and elevates brands.

By leveraging the latest technologies in video and cinema production, we keep our crews lean, yet nimble and versatile. This allows us to do all the work and keep our overhead low, providing each client and project the undivided focus and attention they deserve.





Craig Levine

President - Levine Real Estate

"15th and Pine was incredibly easy to work with. They were very responsive to my questions and suggestions and delivered a timely and exceptional project that I utilize in my everyday social media postings and YouTube videos. I highly recommend their services."



Brian Connell

Executive Director - Desert Island Supply Company

"With the help of 15th and Pine, we saw our annual membership increase 20% over three months! I highly recommend their services to anyone looking for a video production company that offers personal attention and moves beyond basic formulas in favor of high-quality, artistic work that stands out in the crowd."

Dr. Mark Becker PhD.
President in Residence-Georgia State University

“We consistently relied on 15th and Pine to deliver engaging video content. They truly demonstrated creative genius, and together we were able to create several viral videos.”

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